10 Best Handheld Games Of Toys And Games (2023 Guide)

If you’re looking for the best handheld games to keep you entertained on the go, look no further than this list of the 10 best handheld games of 2023. From classic games like Tetris and Solitaire to new favorites like Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run, there’s something for everyone in this roundup.

Barbie Digital Makeover

Barbie Digital Makeover is one of the coolest toys around. It allows you to take pictures of yourself and then see what you would look like with different hairstyles, makeup, and clothes. It’s so much fun to play with and my daughter loves it. The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey. But overall, we think it’s worth the money.


Disney Frozen Olaf’s Snow Adventure Game

If your little girl is anything like my nieces, then she’s probably a big fan of the Disney movie Frozen. And what little girl wouldn’t love a game that features her favorite characters from the film? That’s why I was excited to try out Olaf’s Snow Adventure, a new game for the Nintendo 3DS.

The goal of Olaf’s Snow Adventure is to help Olaf find all the snowflakes that have been hidden around the kingdom of Arendelle. To do this, you’ll need to use the stylus to guide Olaf through a series of mazes. The catch is that Olaf can only move in straight lines, so you’ll need to carefully plan your route in order to reach all the snowflakes.

The game includes two modes: Story Mode and Free Play Mode. In Story Mode, you’ll need to collect a certain number of snowflakes in order to progress through the story. In Free Play Mode, you can choose any level you’ve already unlocked and try to collect as many snowflakes as possible.

I was impressed with the graphics in Olaf’s Snow Adventure. The 3D effect is used sparingly but effectively, and it really brings the world of Arendelle to life. The music is also quite nice, with familiar tunes from the movie remixing throughout the game.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing Olaf’s Snow Adventure. It’s a charming and challenging game that’s perfect for young Frozen fans.


Simon Electronic Memory Game

The Simon Electronic Memory Game is one of the most popular games on Amazon. It has a 4.5 star rating and over 1,000 customer reviews. The game is simple to play and is great for people of all ages. The goal of the game is to match the pattern that Simon creates. The game gets more difficult as you progress and can be quite challenging. There are four different modes to choose from, so you can play the game at your own pace. The Simon Electronic Memory Game is a great way to improve your memory and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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The Game of Life

The Game of Life is one of the most popular board games of all time. It’s a simple game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The object of the game is to travel around the board, collecting money and life experiences. The game can be played by two to six players.

The game board is a spiral with different colored squares representing different life experiences. Players start the game by choosing a pink or blue peg to represent themselves. They then spin the wheel in the center of the board to determine how many spaces they will move. As they move around the board, they will land on different colored squares. These squares represent different aspects of life, such as school, work, marriage, children, etc. Players will collect money and life experiences as they land on these squares. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins!

The Game of Life is a great game for families and groups of friends. It’s a fun way to spend an evening together, and it’s a great way to teach kids about different life experiences. The game is also very affordable, which makes it a great gift idea. If you’re looking for a classic board game that everyone will enjoy, look no further than The Game of Life!



It’s safe to say that almost everyone has played Monopoly at some point in their lives. The game is a classic and has been around for over 100 years. Monopoly is a board game where players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels. The goal of the game is to become the wealthiest player through owning properties and collecting rent.

Monopoly is a great game for family and friends, and can be played by people of all ages. It’s a simple game to learn and set up, and can be played in an hour or less. Monopoly is a timeless classic that will be enjoyed by many generations to come.



When it comes to finding the perfect game night addition, few games can top Scrabble. This classic board game has been a family favorite for generations, and with good reason. Not only is Scrabble a whole lot of fun, but it’s also great for building vocabulary and preparing for spelling bees. If you’re looking for a new game to add to your collection, or just want to try something different, Scrabble is definitely worth checking out.

To start, each player gets a set of seven random letter tiles. Once all players have their tiles, somebody starts the game by playing any word they can make with their letters. Going clockwise from that player, each subsequent player then tries to add one or more words to the board, connecting them to existing words if possible. Each word must connect to at least one other word on the board, and all words must be spelled correctly in order to count. Any time a player uses all seven of their tiles in one turn, they get to draw seven more and keep going. The game ends when one player has no more tiles remaining, at which point the player with the most points wins.

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Scoring in Scrabble is based on the point value of each individual letter tile used in a word. The rarer the letter, the higher the point value. For example, an “A” is worth one point while an “X” is worth eight. In addition to letter values, there are also bonus spaces on the board that multiply the points earned for a word played there. For example, playing a word on a “double letter” space would earn twice as many points as usual for every letter tile used.

There are also numerous variations of Scrabble that can be played if the standard rules aren’t quite your speed. One popular variation is Speed Scrabble, which is played with a timer and requires players to form words as quickly as possible. Another variation called Super Scrabble features a larger board with more bonus spaces, and yet another variant gives players the option of trading in unwanted tiles for new ones. No matter which version you play, Scrabble is sure to provide hours of fun.



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Candy Land

Candy Land is a classic board game that has been around for years. It is a simple game that is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the finish line by correctly guessing the colors of the various candyland pieces. The game can be played with two to four players and takes about 30 minutes to play.

The game board is made up of a path of squares, each with a different color. There are also cards that correspond to the colors of the squares. The cards are shuffled and placed face down in a pile. The first player draws a card and then moves their piece to the square that matches the color on the card. If the player draws a card with a picture of a lollipop on it, they can move their piece forward to the next space regardless of the color. The first player to reach the finish line is the winner!

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Candy Land is a great game for young children as it helps them to identify colors and develop matching skills. It is also a fun game for adults who want to enjoy a simple, quick game. The game can be played multiple times as there is no real strategy involved, just pure luck!


Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is one of the most classic board games for young children. The game is simple to understand and play, and it can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The objective of the game is to reach the finish line first by climbing up ladders and avoiding chutes. The game is filled with colorful illustrations and offers a lot of opportunities for kids to practice counting.

We have been playing Chutes and Ladders since my daughter was two years old and she still loves it. It’s a great game for young kids because it helps them with number recognition and counting. The game is also very simple and doesn’t require a lot of strategy or planning, so it’s perfect for young kids who are just learning to play board games. We’ve found that Chutes and Ladders is a great game to play with other families because it’s easy to teach and everyone can enjoy it.

If you’re looking for a classic board game that your kids will love, Chutes and Ladders is a great option. It’s simple to learn and play, and it’s a great way to help your kids practice counting.




Trouble is a board game published by Games Workshop in 1991. It is for two to six players and takes about an hour to play. The game is set on a tropical island where six treasure hunters are looking for the lost treasure of Captain Kidd. The game is played on a square board with a grid of squares. Each player has a playing piece in the shape of a ship. The ship can move around the board, but can only move one space at a time. There are also six black pieces that represent the pirates. The pirates can move around the board, but can only move one space at a time. The object of the game is to find the treasure and get back to the starting point before the other players. The first player to do this wins the game.

The game is simple to set up and easy to learn. The rules are straightforward and easy to understand. The game is great for kids and adults alike.

The game is lots of fun and is very addicting. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes board games.

5 stars