10 Best Pretend Play Of Toys And Games (2023 Guide)

In a world where children are constantly inundated with screens and technology, it’s more important than ever to encourage pretend play. Toys and games that get kids using their imaginations help them to develop important social, emotional, and cognitive skills. If you’re looking for the best pretend play toys and games for your child, look no further than this guide. From classic wooden toys to modern takes on old favorites, we’ve rounded up the 10 best options for every budget.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnetic Pretend Play Kitchen Set

Melissa is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair. She has a strong jawline and high cheekbones, and her eyes are a deep green. She stands about 5’7″ tall, and her figure is slim and athletic. Melissa is a very successful young businesswoman, and she has a bright future ahead of her. She is kind and generous, and she always looks out for the best interests of her friends and family. Melissa is the type of person who always puts others first, and she is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is a great listener, and she is always there for her loved ones when they need her.


Green Toys Dump Truck

Green Toys Dump Truck

We bought this for our 18 month old son and he loves it. It’s very sturdy and he has a great time loading it up with his other toys and pushing it around. The only issue we have is that the bed doesn’t stay up when it’s empty so dumping the toys out is a two person job (one to hold the bed up and one to dump the toys). Overall, this is a great toy and we would recommend it to others!

My son loves this truck. He is 15 months old and has played with it every day since we got it two weeks ago. It’s easy for him to push around and he likes to put his other toys in the back and haul them around. We bought the Green Toys fire truck at the same time and he likes that one just as much. I would definitely recommend these trucks to anyone with small children.

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Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen

The Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen is a great addition to any home with young children. It’s a complete kitchen set that includes a stove, oven, sink, and a fridge. The best part is that it all folds up into one compact unit for easy storage.

My daughter loves her Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen. She is always asking to help me cook and this gives her the perfect opportunity to do so. It comes with everything she needs to pretend to cook including pots, pans, utensils, and even some play food. The stove and oven both have lights and make sounds which add to the realism. The sink has a faucet that really works too.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was how much my daughter loves the fridge. She loves putting her play food in there and taking it out. It’s the perfect size for her and she can easily reach everything inside.

The Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen is a great toy for any child who loves to play pretend. It’s well made and very sturdy. It’s also easy to assemble and folds up nicely for storage. I would highly recommend this toy to anyone with young children.


Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen

The Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen is a beautiful and stylish play kitchen that will look great in any home. The kitchen features realistic appliances and accessories, including a stove, oven, microwave, sink, and faucet. The Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen also includes a dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer. The kitchen is made from high-quality materials and is very sturdy. The Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen is a great choice for any child who loves to play with kitchens.


KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is a popular toy kitchen for children. It is made of wood and has a vintage look that many kids love. The kitchen comes with a stove, fridge, sink, and dishwasher. It also has plenty of storage space for all of your child’s toy dishes and food. The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is a great toy for any child who loves to play with toy kitchens.

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Many parents who have purchased the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen for their children have left positive reviews on Amazon.com. They love the look of the kitchen and how it is very sturdy and well-made. They also appreciate how much storage space it has for all of their child’s toy dishes and food. One parent even said that their child loves to play with the dishwasher and make noise with it. Overall, parents are very happy with this toy kitchen and would recommend it to others.


Hape Gourmet Kitchen

Hape’s Gourmet Kitchen is the perfect addition to any playroom or child’s bedroom. This beautiful kitchen set is made of high quality wood and includes a sink, stove, oven, fridge, and dishwasher. The Gourmet Kitchen also comes with plenty of accessories, including pots, pans, utensils, dishes, and food. The kitchen is sure to provide hours of fun for your little chef.

The Hape Gourmet Kitchen is a great toy for encouraging imaginative play. It is also a great way to teach your child about cooking and food preparation. The kitchen would make a great gift for any child who loves to play with food or pretend to cook.

The Hape Gourmet Kitchen is highly rated on Amazon, with many parents giving it five stars. reviewers say that the kitchen is well made and very sturdy. Many parents also say that their children love playing with the kitchen and that it has provided hours of enjoyment. If you are looking for a well-made, sturdy kitchen set that will provide hours of fun for your child, the Hape Gourmet Kitchen is a great choice.


Crayola Designer Dollhouse

Crayola Designer Dollhouse is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 12.

This dollhouse was a Christmas gift for our six year old granddaughter. She loves it! The house is very well made and the furniture is also well made. It was easy to assemble, although it did take a little time. Our granddaughter has played with it every day since Christmas and she is still finding new things to do with it. She has even drawn some of her own furniture to go with it. This is a great toy for any little girl who loves to play with dolls.


Barbie Dreamhouse

The Barbie Dreamhouse is one of the most popular toys on the market. It is a large, pink house that comes with many features and accessories. The Barbie Dreamhouse is designed for children ages 3 and up. It requires some assembly, but the instructions are easy to follow. The Barbie Dreamhouse is made of durable plastic and is very sturdy. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

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The Barbie Dreamhouse has four floors and a elevator. There is a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and pool area. The furniture is pink and purple and is very stylish. The kitchen has a stove, sink, fridge, and oven. The living room has a couch, TV, and fireplace. The bedroom has a bed and vanity. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower. The pool area has a slide and swimming pool.

The Barbie Dreamhouse is a great toy for imaginative play. It encourages role-playing and storytelling. Children will have hours of fun playing with this toy.


Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is every kid’s dream come true! This massive play set features a loop-the-loop, elevator, parking garage, service center, and gas station all in one. The included die-cast cars can zoom around the different levels of the garage using the ramps and chutes. Kids will love exploring all the different ways to play with this huge set.

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is a great way to encourage active play. All the different features of the set encourage kids to use their imaginations to come up with new ways to play. The elevator and loop-the-loop are especially fun, providing hours of entertainment. The die-cast cars are also high quality and look great zooming around the garage. The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is sure to be a hit with any child who loves cars and playing with them.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster is a high-powered, rapid-fire Nerf gun that is sure to make your nerf battles more intense. This battery-operated blaster can fire up to 18 darts per minute with pinpoint accuracy. The Rapidstrike CS-18 also features a detachable stock and an adjustable handle to help you customize it for battle. With its high capacity magazine and quick-reload system, the Rapidstrike CS-18 is the perfect weapon for any nerf warrior.